About Us

Leafio was set up with the mission of promoting the concept of 'Greener Indoors' and providing a platform for people to create green spaces. We set out on this mission with our indoor plants and green gifting store in New Delhi and are always looking to add new and innovative sustainable products.

With Leafio Paper Pottery, we decided to bring to the Indian market, a one of a kind, unique product that is handmade, recycled and sustainable.

All our paper pottery products are handmade by women in Sri Lanka. Most women work from their homes while taking care of their children. This allows them to continue working despite schools being closed due to the pandemic or any other situation that usually impacts their work.


Our Store in New Delhi

Indoor Plants

We at Leafio strive to make the process of creating greener spaces easier for you. Our range includes healthy indoor plants potted in stylish and cheerful hand crafted ceramic pots that can be directly placed in any corner of your home or office.

Indoor plants are not only a great and stylish tool for decorating your space, but provide numerous other benefits like fighting air pollution and improving mental health. To add to that, plants make great gifts that are thoughtful and classy. 

Green Gifting

We offer a range of gifting options like plant in a box, green gift hampers and party favours. All of our gifting options are hand delivered because we believe that gifting is an experience and the dull courier packaging doesn't do justice to the thought and effort that goes into creating a green gift. 

Pots & Planters

Our range of pots and planters includes ceramic and metallic pots and planters sourced directly from our manufacturing partners across India. 


Our Website www.leafio.in

Paper Pottery

Our paper pottery products are available for purchase on our website and can be shipped to any part of India for you to be able to become a part of this journey to make our indoors greener and more sustainable.