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The Paper Making Process


All our planters are handmade with love and care. The small imperfections they carry are intrinsic to the process and are a signature of handmade products. They give the planters a unique character and this is exactly what makes each planter unique. We like to call these subtle variations the 'Perfect Imperfections'


Our paper pottery is made from 100% recycled paper.
When the paper is cut to size, we are left with some off-cuts and paper waste. We collect these leftovers, add water and mix everything to create paper pulp.From that pulp, we make handmade paper. We press beautiful patterns onto the paper pulp, thus creating the decorative layer for our pots.
So, it really is, ZERO WASTE


Our paper pottery is lined with several layers of natural latex. This natural latex is tapped from the rubber tree. An incision is made in the bark of the tree so that the liquid drips from the tree. This liquid is then collected and treated for it to be used for different applications. The pure latex(rubber) is applied to the inside of the vessel and it seals the paper with a 100% WATERPROOF coating