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OSLO | Zero Waste Handmade Planter | 15.5cm | Blue

OSLO | Zero Waste Handmade Planter | 15.5cm | Blue


✓ Zero waste production

✓ Handmade by women in Sri Lanka

✓ Made from 100% recycled paper

✓ Lined with several layers of biodegradable natural latex to make it waterproof

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Product Specifications

Top Diameter - 15.5 cm

Height - 15 cm

No Drainage Hole - Meant to be used as a cache pot or vase

Slight difference in colour may occur due to different screen resolutions

Note: Plants are not included with the planters

Care Instructions

-Use a damp cloth to clean the outer decorative surface.

-Water should be emptied every 3-4 weeks and the inside of the pot be cleaned and wiped with a dry cloth

-We recommend using the pot only indoors and keeping out of direct sunlight

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All our planters are handmade with love and care. The small imperfections they carry are intrinsic to the process and are a signature of handmade products. They give each planter a unique character. We like to call these subtle variations the 'Perfect Imperfections'

All Leafio planters and vases are lined with several layers of biodegradeable natural latex which makes the planters waterproof.

Our planters are meant to be used as cache pots or vases. The best way to use your planter is to put your nursery pot inside the planter. For flowers, you can pour the water directly into the planter and use it as a vase.


How durable are the pots?

Our zero waste paper planters are very durable and are built to last. The planters can go several years without any issues in appearance and utility, provided proper care is taken.

Is the outer layer of the planters waterproof?

No, the outer layer is not waterproof but can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The inside of the pot though, is a 100% waterproof.

Can I use the planters outdoors?

Our planters look and do best when kept indoors. We recommend not keeping the planters in direct sunlight.

Can I directly pot plants in the planter?

Even though the plants can directly be potted in our planters, we suggest using the planter as a cache pot by placing your nursery pot inside the planter. This allows for good drainage and ease of cleaning.

Do I need to remove and drain the nursery pot every time I water my plants?

No, our planters are a 100% waterproof on the inside and can hold water for long periods. The water can be allowed to sit in the pot. We recommend emptying the pot every 3-4 weeks to keep the inside surface clean.

What else can I use the planters for?

The planters can be used as vases for flowers to be put in water, for artificial plants, dried flowers or as a cache pot for potted plants.