Plants as Corporate Gifts – Delhi, Gurugram and Noida

Gifting is an integral part of the Indian culture and we love giving and receiving gifts. We spend hours browsing for birthday gift ideas, ideas for corporate gifts or even return gifts for events, but when it comes to gifting, we all want the gift to be thoughtful, personal and long lasting.

Indoor plants solve for all these variables and are a powerful tool for building relationships with clients and employees alike.

Plant gifts can be a great addition for any organization for various events:


  1. Employee birthday gifts
  2. New employee joining
  3. Giveaways for conferences
  4. Work anniversary gifts
  5. Plants for Diwali gifting


Companies today, are looking for ways to get greener and promoting more eco friendly practices. Gifting a plant is a small but effective way to show that the organization cares about the environment and is willing to take steps towards a greener and cleaner world.

Plants are known to purify air, create a calming environment and add to the aesthetic of any space, be it at home or at office. Being in Delhi, one of the World’s most polluted cities, promoting indoor plants has become even more important and more and more organizations are moving towards greener practices.  


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